Visit of the islands of ParisThe islands of Paris

The City island is situated at the very centre of Paris, down stream from Saint Louis Island.
Guided tour in Paris I propose unfolds two topics: the temporal one, with the Palace of the City, the court of law; the second, spiritual, with Notre Dame’s cathedral and the Sainte Chapelle.
We will evoke the history of the Canons, the moving story of Heloise and Abelard and the mystery of the Templar Knights.

After the Romans conquest in 52 ac. the city is named Lutece. Clovis, King of The Franks established his capital there and during the Carolingian period the life concentrated on the Island of the City that can be accessed today by 10 bridges.
Saint Louis Island was created from the joining up of the Notre Dame`s Island and the Cow’s Island during the reign of Louis XIII.
Come to explore the medieval streets of Notre Dame` s Cloister, the picturesque Dauphine Square, the oldest bridge in Paris, the private mansions of the Saint Louis Island, and why not, to make your visit complete, relish one of the Bertillon` s delicious ice creams .
(visit: 2 hours)

  • For groups counting over 10 people, we highly advise you to ask for listening devices.

Visit of the Saint Germain des Pres districtThe Saint Germain des Pres district

Admittedly Paris is the city of the one hundred villages and Saint Germain des Pres is one of the most charming.
This ward is the genuine centre for artists, writers, philosophers, musicians.
It is in mythical places such as the café “les 2 magots”, café “de flore” , that existentialist and feminist movements developed.
You will learn about the intellectuals and artists who made the district famous: Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir and the coffee-houses, Oscar Wilde who lived his last hours in a small hotel there, Delacroix and his workshop, Picasso and his painting Guernica.
Walking by the streets in my Guided tour we shall cross over squares, courts, where you will be able to see the defensive walls of King Phillip August and a curiosity: the mule step; not to forget the ancient wealthy Abbey of Saint Germain des Pres, the fine arts school, and the first coffee-house in Paris.

(visit: 2 hours)

  • For groups counting over 10 people, we highly advise you to ask for listening devices.

Visit of the Gardens of the Luxembourg PalaceThe Gardens of the Luxembourg Palace

You may wish to extend your visit of the Saint Germain district, so why not walk to the Gardens of the Luxembourg Palace designed at the initiative of the Queen Mary of Medicis who wanted to re-create the atmosphere of the Boboli Gardens where she grew up.
The gardens that stretch on 61 acres are the city` s largest and the Parisians` s favourites.
The Palace in which Mary of Medicis resided is located inside the gardens and is today the seat of the Senate.
By joining me on this Guided tour, you will learn more about the gardens “a la francaise”, fruit gardens, beehives, famous strollers who enjoyed these gardens and you will become permeated by this particular atmosphere.

  • For groups counting over 10 people, we highly advise you to ask for listening devices.

Visit of the MaraisThe Marais

Preserved and restored thanks to the care of the Minister of culture Andre Malraux in 1961, this district shelters innumerable private mansions of the XVIIth century when on impulse given by King Henri IV the nobility settled in the district.
The purpose of this Guided tour is to discover the history of the origins of this district full of charm. The reminiscent of the Knights templar whose heavy task was to cleanse the marshes (marais), the painful agony of King Henry II in the hotel of the tournelles, the uncommon fate of Queen Margot and the defensive walls of King Philippe Augustus.
This walking tour will take us to the discovery of beautiful private mansions such as the hotel de Sully, hotel de Beauvais, where lived illustrious personages: Catho La Borgnesse, the Duke of Sully.

The architecture of the civil and religious buildings is a journey through time with wooded cornered houses in the Jesuit style and the stunning Place des Vosges.
(visit: 2 hours)

  • For groups counting over 10 people, we highly advise you to ask for listening devices.

Visit of MontmarteMontmartre

Montmartre is part of the XVIIIth district of Paris, famous for the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur, and its panoramic view of Paris. It is also a genuine village with its narrow lanes, numerous flights of stairs and old lamp posts.
It is a village simmering with history where many artists brushed by one another in the coffee houses and cabarets confronting their new visions about painting and leading profligate lives in the many places of pleasure.
The nuns of the abbatial church of Saint Peter planted a vineyard on the slopes of the hill and this cheap wine was served in the cabarets. It therefor attracted many people in the XIXth century.
This walking Guided tour will also bring memories of famous characters whose presence still pervades the narrow streets: Renoir came to paint in the open air the famous ballroom of the Moulin de la Galette.
Will be also covering the paintings of Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Modigliani, and the workshops of the laundering boat (bateau lavoir)
Others contemporary artists will be evoked such as the Casadesus family, the comedian Jean Marais and the singer Dalida.

(Visit: 2 hours)

  • For groups counting over 10 people, we highly advise you to ask for listening devices.

Visit of the ArcadesThe Arcades

There used to be 150 arcades in Paris, built between 1800 and 1830.
These thoroughfares were seen as little towns, a miniature world where in the XIXth century various social classes would brush by.
These types of arcades were first invented in Paris then implemented in other cities.
You will appreciate the elegance of their steel and glass architecture.
The coffee houses, the theatres, the printers, the book shops … revives for you the tone of the arcades.
Indicative itinerary for the Guided tour: departure from the Royal Palace, Vero-Dodat arcade, Victory Square, Vivienne and Colbert arcades, Passage Choiseul.

(visit: 1 hour 30)

  • For groups counting over 10 people, we highly advise you to ask for listening devices.