My name is Isabelle Breteau. I work as a self employed guide since 1998.
Licence number 01/92/004/P French-English
Member of the national federation of guide-interpreters (FNGI)
Being licensed I am entitled to arrange visits of museums and monuments in France with privileged accesses enabling easier and faster entries; I can arrange group reservations for the Louvre, Orsay and Versailles.
Born in Paris at the foot of the Montmartre hill I also have the privilege of a family dual Franco-English culture and thus perfectly master English.
Having studied in Paris, London and Salamanca my inclination for the history of art and World history has directed my professional career.
I travelled as a Tour Director for French and English clients (adults and teenagers) through France and foreign countries. It has enabled me to apprehend the expectations and needs of tourist groups and share with them my love for Paris and the Ile de France region’s exceptional legacy.
Then, if you are ready, follow me for a stroll in the old districts of Paris or the museums: I'll enjoy to share this moment with you.


A regulated profession.
In France the profession of guide interpreter is regulated by the statute of July 13th 1992 and the decree of June 15, 1994. The national guides-interpreters must satisfy the examinations organized by the universities approved by the ministry for university education while regional guides are submitted to examinations organised by the Perfects of the regions.
The graduated guide-interpreters hold a professional identification badge delivered by the prefecture of the administrative district of their residence. This badge is a guaranty for the seriousness, competence and knowledge that you would expect from a professional guide.
Only the guides-interpreters and the lecturers are authorized to guide you inside national museums and monuments.
Carrying the badge is mandatory inside museums and monuments.
Why use the services of a certified guide-interpreter?
He (she) has been trained for this trade and his knowledge and know-how are generally wider than those of a driver-guide.
He (she) is fluent in at least two foreign languages
You are complying with French regulations when he guides you insides museums and monuments.
Skipping the queues in museums.
A guide-interpreter will not only give you all the cultural and historical keys but also anecdotal facts in your own language. He (she) will surprise you with a warm exchange in a project designed with you.
Whatever your language and your culture he will be your Ariane’s thread leading you from one discovery to another. Thus enlightened your visits will become magic moments.